Making Boston Climate Ready


Mayor Walsh and his team answers questions on the report.

At a time when the president-elect has picked a climate change non-believer as the head of Environmental Protection Agency, another leader has taken a step forward on the same issue. In an effort to prepare Boston, Mayor Marty J. Walsh and his team released a report today on the impact of climate change.

While creating new economic opportunities and building neighborhoods around the city for a better living, the report, released as a part of Climate Ready Boston, states that Boston is prepared to handle climate change. Climate Ready Boston is the City’s initiative to “prepare Boston for the impacts of climate change.”

“Boston is more climate-ready today than it has ever been before,” said Mayor Walsh. “We have the knowledge, talent and resources to prepare our neighborhoods and businesses for climate change and will continue to cut carbon emissions, tackling climate change head on.”

The report focuses on eight areas in Boston, where the climate resilience initiatives from the report were applied to show the risks of climate change and how they can be dealt with. These areas include Charlestown, Dorchester and Roxbury, among others. Building stronger infrastructure and educating the locals about the effects of climate change are two initiatives in these regions.

The report features three other components including updated projections on extreme temperatures, sea level rise and increased precipitation and storms; potential risks associated with extreme heat and flooding on residents and buildings; recommended Implementation Roadmap for climate resilience initiatives that include planning and financial actions.

“Boston residents are already impacted by extreme heat, rain, snow and flooding,” said Austin Blackmon, Chief of Environment, Energy and Open Space. “Climate Ready Boston shows that these trends are expected to continue, and now we have a better understanding of what we need to do to prepare.”

Through the release of this report and subsequent actions, the City of Boston is aiming to protect its residents and businesses from extreme flooding pathways and intends on making sure that all of Boston is climate ready.


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