Boston Mayor, Marty Walsh, Promises To Keep Fighting

marty_walshBoston Mayor Marty Walsh believes his city is stronger than ever and he is going to continue to fight.
Tonight in his State of the City Address, Walsh outlined his plan which prioritized schools, economic equity, infrastructure and public safety.

He talked about the economy, saying that 60,000 jobs have been added, leading to a 2.4% unemployment rate, possibly the lowest ever. “We are developing a high-tech manufacturing sector that provides just that. In robotics, 3D-printing, medical devices, employers are coming and they are hiring.”

The Mayor gave statistics to prove his case that the city is one of the safest in the country… the crime rate down 9%, shootings down 6%, 776 guns off the street, and arrests down 25% since 2014. Walsh said there were 45 homicides last year but his goal is zero. He also resumed the Boston police cadet program.

Walsh promised to end all chronic homelessness by next year and right now 1052 of those previously homeless have their own homes with services. Many low-income families also have their own homes since 19,000 houses and apartments have been built.

Schools took center stage when Mayor Walsh announced he planned to provide free pre-kindergarten for every four-year-old in Boston. Additionally, he announced $1 billion investment in new schools and improving educational services. He spoke about filing a $35 million bill to meet students’ needs.

During his address at Symphony Hall, Mayor Walsh described cities as “engines of opportunity and gateways for new immigrants. We will help them and not retreat an inch. We don’t know the word ‘impossible.’ We prove that government can work for everyone.”

Walsh ended his visionary address by saying Boston’s values are in its DNA and no one will ever quit and will fight shoulder to shoulder. He will especially fight for everyone and never stop.

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