Unity in Diversity: Boston Women’s March

Downtown Boston was a sea of pink.
This afternoon 150,000 marched in solidarity with the Women‘s March in Washington and other sisterhood rallies across the world.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, Massachusetts Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey were some of the main speakers. Mayor Walsh said the country has to move forward by organizing women in the workplace, and this march is to show that the people will not be defeated.
Senator Warren told the crowd to use President Trump’s inauguration as a motivation to fight harder. She described the playing field as being tilted “in the favor of the people at the top,” and to use this march to send the message that all the people will fight.

“So were here today because of the power of women….the power of women to come up with good ideas (like this rally), the power of women to organize, and the power of women to make sure this country enters a new political era, that the voices of the people will be heard,” the Democrat said.

Senator Markey reminisced celebrating Martin Luther King Day and spoke of his famous speech, “I have a dream.” He said that the Republicans’ dream is to build a wall with bigotry and give no healthcare to the people of America.

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey sent a message to President Trump saying if he infringes on women‘s rights, “We will see you in court.”

From immigration reform to climate change, supporters came from around New England.

“I am appalled at the misogyny going on, so women‘s rights are extremely important to me. He (President Trump) is setting us back so many decades when we have worked this hard to get here. Also, reproductive healthcare, protecting our rights is very important to me, and the black lives matter campaign. Those are my issues,” said Kristen Melfi who traveled from Connecticut to join the march.

This story was written for WEBN, Boston.


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