Know your mayoral candidate: Boston

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On September 26, Boston residents go out to vote for their next mayor. In the running are four candidates, all of whom, were successful, yet uniquely, able to get themselves on the ballot.

While the incumbent mayor, Marty Walsh, and city councilor, Tito Jackson, relied on their individual team of volunteers to go out and get the required 3,000 signatures,  Joseph A. Wiley and Robert Cappucci got professional signature gathering companies to get their share of signatures.
Now, printed on the ballot are the names of these four candidates who have idiosyncratic opinions on what the city’s future should look like. With rising concerns about housing, immigration, employment, education, and crime in the city, these candidates are out to get votes to make it back on the ballot for municipal elections due on November 7.

On Immigration

On Housing

On Crime

On Education

On Jobs

Radio piece:

This story was done for the Boston Herald.


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