Knowing that tod11218867_10207673778633325_2059480823992876037_nay’s world is completely online, I am interested in working as a multi-media journalist. It is my aim to convey to you the skills I have learned over the years through this website.

I am a graduate journalism student at Emerson College. Hailing from New Delhi, India, I have completed my undergraduate degree in a subject I am deeply passionate about, Political Science. I graduated from Delhi University in 2015 with a B.A. (H).

I received my training in Broadcast Journalism at NDTV Ltd., a national media organization in India. Following my training, I interned in all departments within NDTV 24*7, the English news channel of NDTV Ltd. I developed a keen interest in production and politics there. My experience there, and working as a producer and editor for Emerson College Polling Society has helped me refine my video-editing skills.

I have covered politics and government as a graduate student at Emerson, with special emphasis on immigration.

At ACMi, I worked as a production intern for the team and produced a series about Community Preservation Act in Arlington. I also work as the multimedia intern for Boston Herald.

During my time at Emerson College, I have been fortunate enough to work on stories in multiple genres. This website is a collation of all of those stories and a few others from my time at NDTV.