Bridging the Language Gap

In the United States, a country where 94 percent of residents believe that knowing how to speak English is very important, there are 1.8 million non-English speaking immigrants arriving every year, according to a study by Migration Policy Institute, a Washington-based research institute that is a non-partisan think-tank dedicated towards the study of immigration.

Overcoming Language as a Professional Barrier

“Mayonnaise.” Madhav Ranabhat said this word by pronouncing the latter part of the word as “ease.” The lady in front of him at Legal Sea Foods, Boston Logan International Airport, didn’t understand which sauce Ranabhat was talking about. The Nepalese native said the word again, the same way.  And again. The lady finally brightened, and…

Chef at 48

Every morning, Sanjana Sahni makes lunch for her youngest son to take to school and for her husband and her oldest son to take to their offices. Then she stays in the kitchen and makes meals for as many as 300 people.