Spreading the Sanctuary Restaurant Movement

Out of the 15,131 eating and drinking places in Massachusetts, 11 have already declared themselves as sanctuary restaurants. In the light of President Trump’s rhetoric against undocumented immigrants, Sanctuary Restaurant movement is gaining ground all over the country. Advertisements

Bridging the Language Gap

In the United States, a country where 94 percent of residents believe that knowing how to speak English is very important, there are 1.8 million non-English speaking immigrants arriving every year, according to a study by Migration Policy Institute, a Washington-based research institute that is a non-partisan think-tank dedicated towards the study of immigration.

The Fear Factor

One day under a hot September sky, Harkeet Singh hurried across a concrete pedestrian bridge from the Mexican city of Juarez into El Paso, Texas. He was scared at the time and his heart was racing. That day will forever be etched in Singh’s memory – September 21, 2013. It was the day the Indian…